Place for Hope is a forever home for Pugs and Pug Pals who are deemed unadoptable for medical or age reasons. It a commitment made by the President of Alabama Pug Rescue and Adoption, Inc. to provide the space and care needed for those dogs accepted into A Place for Hope.” This is a home environment where the rescues remain for life. The need to raise funds to provide this resource is continual. The love and commitment was secured long ago.


The Residents
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This precious senior has lived the largest part of her life as a Resident of Alabama Pug Rescue and Adoption, Inc.  A former backyard breeder, her socialization was never adequate and her fears resulted in a very defensive personality.   Several attempts to place her failed, and it was in her best interest to remain with her foster family (who understand and adore her).  Dinky is 13 years old

Meet Boudreaux!

Felt to be approximately 8-10 years old,  Boudreaux has extreme problems with his back and requires daily medications for pain management as well as allergy medications. In June of 2019 a mast cell tumor was removed but because it was a high grade, he has to be monitored closely for additional tumors.


This precious nine year old was born with subluxated elbows.  He has required several surgeries to assist with this problem, has to be monitored closely for developing problems as he ages.


At the age of 16, Tinkerbelle is deaf and at times, very confused.  APRA does not rehome seniors surrendered to rescue unless there are very unique circumstances which would provide a better situation for each particular dog.  

This Pug Pal was fortunate to be found by good samaritans who were closely associated with APRA.  We do not know the cruelty she endured, but it has left her with a life full of fear and the inability to trust people.  However, she started to thrive in the surroundings of her foster home and after several attempts to rehome her, APRA has assumed the responsibility of her life for as long as she lives.


APRA makes every attempt to match the personality of the dog with the family approved to adopt.  However, often times the stress the dog is under does not surface until the dog is moved repeatedly.  Cameo was placed three times due to housebreaking issues and when returned, the decision was made for her to remain under the care of APRA.  Our mission has always stayed true to the fact that we rescue for the life of the dog.  Cameo is now a senior and being cared for by the generosity of those who support this mission.

This young French Bulldog lost his ability to walk, and because of the experience of APRA with dogs with limited mobility, we were contacted and agreed to welcome him to our rescue as a long term rehabilitation rescue.  He is making slow progress, but we will remain optimistic about  his future.  Updates will be posted regularly.


This handsome pug mix was offered for adoption with absolutely no interest for over two years.  Because he had settled so beautifully in his foster home after years of insecurity, we felt it was in his best interest to remain under the rescue umbrella of APRA.


Lola has heartworm disease.  Due to her age and and complicated medical conditions, she is not able to be treated according to APRA’s regular protocol and is undergoing the “slow kill” method of treatment.  She also suffers from a serious collapsing trachea and requires several medications to help her breathe. She also has very limited vision and requires eye drops.  Her stay with APRA will be lifelong due to her needs.


Clara was hit by a car and did not receive any type of medical attention until she was surrendered to rescue.  Her injuries were critical and had been that way for an undetermined amount of time.  A broken sacrum and torn ACL left her unable to walk.   She is making progress and rehabilitation will continue indefinitely.

Gidget was surrendered when her family could not provide the medical care she needed.  Totally blind and with a severe limp from an untreated injury to her front and rear legs, she will require medication for pain management and prescription eye drops for “dry eye” for the remainder of her life.   

Prissy Prim

“Prim” first came to Alabama Pug Rescue in 2012 and was placed in a wonderful home. Due to life changes in her family, it was necessary that Prissy Prim be returned to rescue. She will remain with APRA and because of the unusual circumstances, she will be allowed to visitation with her adoptive family. We loved her when we placed her, and we will love her for the rest of her life.

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