On behalf of the rescues of Alabama Pug Rescue and Adoption, Inc. I want to thank each of you for your support of our Christmas auction.  Those of you who have donated have once again warmed our hearts and made this happen.  Please know that not only are there recent donations available, many of our items have been donated for previous fundraisers.  Since we have not been able to have an “in person” auction this year, we have included some of those items here.  For those of you who still have items to donate, our Facebook weekly auction will continue.  Each donation has, and will continue to make a difference in the lives of the rescues we currently care for, and for those yet to come.

A very special thank you to Lee Evancho who called me several months ago and said “let me do
this for you and for APRA.”  You are very much appreciated.

I will not list the names of everyone who so willingly supported this for fear of leaving someone out, but please know just how very much each of you are appreciated.

Happy Auctioning!!!! 

Pam Strange, President and Founder



Thank you for visiting our auction.  All items will be available for bids from 11/23-12/3 at 8pm.  To enter the auction please click the image to the left.