Please help us to give the rescues currently in foster care and those yet to come a reason to believe in miracles. By donating to our Tree of Hope you become a part of their future. There is no donation too large, and no donation too small, just as there is no reason that any Pug should not have a safe haven in rescue. We need your help to make our annual Tree of Hope a reality.

The candle burning represents our year in rescue.
The rainbow is symbolic of those who wait in heaven.
The house is a symbol for those residents who never leave rescue and remain in “ A Place For Hope.”
The gifts surrounding the represent the volunteers of Alabama Pug Rescue and Adoption, Inc.

We are asking that with your donation you designate an ornament or stocking from the following selections to assure a brighter tomorrow for all rescues that enter, or are currently in our care. Our Tree of Hope will take on new appearances weekly and the annual lighting will take place on Christmas Eve. Please join us as we continue to believe that this season, is yet another reason for hope.

Hope's List, a listing of those who support this special endeavor, will be updated weekly.

God Bless Them, Everyone!!


Hope's List

Lee, MC, and All In memory of Emee Mayes Strange and Lulu Neville
Teresa  R. For my sweet boys, Pete and Duffy
Teresa  R. In memory of Melody
Teresa  R. For my girlie Pug, Pam
Nancy P. In memory of my beloved Topher.
Clay T. In memory of our beloved King Louie
Linda N. A Season and Reason for Hope
Johanna D. In memory of Rosie, Smokey, Misti, Ace and Melon, my APRA Angels.
Johanna D. For John!  Much love, hugs and warm welcomes into the arms of this "family."
James G. In memory of Nash
Charlotte C. In memory of my very first Pug, Butch, and all of the joy he gave me.
Beth H. In memory of our beyond adorable sweet boy - Trump.
Barbara A. In memory of my wonderful pets
Debbie G. In memory of Benson, who joined the rest of the angels at the bridge this year.
Debbie G. In Thanksgiving for John, who joined and embraced "our" family this year...
and for Pam's smile!!
Angela B. In Honor of Betty
Kay F. In honor of past, present and future Pugs in our life!
Shelley N. In loving memory of Lulu, Silas and Grandpa Bob.  Love you always
Mary Sue In honor of Grady and Angus - Missed Forever
Christina H. In memory of Arlo and Peanut
Gayle H and Family In memory of Minnie
Gayle H and Family In honor of all of our rescues
Cindy J. In memory of all of our "kids" who have crossed the Rainbow Bridge
Nichole H. In memory of Bumblesnot.  Merry Christmas Everyone!!
Jeff F. and Family In memory of our Oscar, our beloved APRA rescue who finally crossed the
Rainbow Bridge
Nancy S In memory of John, Taupe, Peaches, Potsy and Dusty.
Henry, Chris, Garnea, Landon, Mitsy, and Talullah Merry Christmas and Much Love for 2018!

For privacy and protection only first names will be used in Hope's list.