The heart of Alabama Pug Rescue and Adoption, Inc.   Watch for updates - January 2017.

Please consider making monetary donations to assist with the ongoing expense. 
Donations can be mailed to
APRA or made by calling 280 Animal Medical Center
at (205) 678-8253. 

Though rehoming older dogs is often necessary, it is extremely hard on them.  Life long habits have to be changed, new bonds have to form, and often there are medical needs that worsen when the stress of adjusting to a new environment is necessary. 

Please make responsible plans for your senior Pugs should you know longer be able to care for them.  Though “A Place for Hope” is an option for some, our space and resources are limited.   Don’t wait until someone else has to make a decision about his or her future.  Ownership is a responsibility for the rest of their life.
Pam Mayes
Alabama Pug Rescue and Adoption, Inc.
Rescue for the Life of the Dog