I have yet to meet you. Your name was mentioned, but given the circumstances that surround our meeting; I will call you by something we will choose together.  Something fitting, something meant to last, and something that I pray will follow you for the rest of your life.  At the very least, if someone calls you by something else, I know in your heart that “our name” will always be recognized by you.  When the day comes that one of us may leave, we will meet again.  When we do, I will call you “our” name, and we will remember a bond we will have always shared.
I don’t know you, yet I know that I will give you all that I can possibly give you, and I will care for you and provide for you.    If you want for anything, I will find the means to get it.  I have before, and I will again.  I have friends in “higher places” who will send angels I have yet to meet, and those that surround me daily to assure my commitment to your future.  We are a team who understand that this is not just something we do, but something we live for, for somebody we have yet to meet.  We have a passion that only those who have met someone like you, at some point in their lives, can share.
I have yet to touch you, but I understand just how important that first touch must be.  A touch of “trust me.  ” I promise I will show you gentle and caring, and above all I will let you feel commitment.  You will understand, and soon enough, your head will press against my hand in a way to tell me you do.
Though we have not spent our first day together, I know that your nights will never be spent alone or cold, and you will never know hunger again.  Together we will weather the darkest storms.  There will be storms, there always are storms; the rainbows remain to be seen, but they will be seen.  They always are.
You are the reason my house is a home.  A home that suddenly has become big enough to meet all of your needs, though I have yet to recognize what you will need.  You are the more in “what is one more?”
We have not even met, but I know that one day, in a way yet to be determined, we will say good-bye.  You will break my heart and I know this to be a certainty.  Whether I walk away from you at my choice or whether you are returned to heaven, you will break my heart.  Either way, this will be totally about what is best for you.  Not me.  You. 
With the good-bye that we say, I will say, “thank you.” Because of you, I am a stronger person; I am more patient, more compassionate and more giving.  Because of you I will say “hello” to another, and because of you, I have learned to recognize what they will need.
Because of you, I rescue.  Those who know me as you will often hear me say that I can never give back what those like you have given me.   For that, I owe you my purpose in life.
For someone I have yet to meet, I owe you your life.

Pam Mayes
A Place for Hope

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