Also known as In Need of Forever Please note that not all of the dogs under the rescue umbrella of Alabama Pug Rescue and Adoption, Inc. appear on our website. Many homes have already been approved and are waiting for a suitable match that is best for all involved. We do not maintain a waiting list, but take great pride in pairing a rescue to a family. We take many factors into consideration.

If you are seriously interested in adopting a rescue, we urge you to begin the process by completing an application.

The number of dogs that must remain in foster care for an extended period of time is sadly increasing.  Many of these dogs are on prescription diets for their specific conditions.  If you can help by providing dog food coupons, or a make a donation to assist with their daily care needs please contact  We would be more than happy to provide a list of those foods in need upon request.

Note: Pugs who have been surrendered to rescue who have lived their entire lives as breeders require patience and understanding as they adjust to their new lives. Many have never been on a leash, taught to "potty" outside, or share a bed with other family members. Please do not apply to adopt these angels unless you have the time and the willingness to understand their needs and care for them appopriately.

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