Applying to Adopt A Rescue?
We Need Your Help!

Alabama Pug Rescue and Adoption, Inc. is an all volunteer organization. The Pugs and Pug Pals available for adoption are fostered in the homes of volunteers until a home is approved. The matching process is one that is taken very seriously and every effort is made to get to know you so that the placement will be the very best possible. If you are not 100% sure that you want to adopt a rescue, please do not complete an application at this time. We are overwhelmed with special angels who need homes, and the process must be one that has been well planned by yourself and your family. There are precious lives waiting to take the place of those In Need of Forever at all times - please understand the commitment we are making to those lives, and be absolutely positive that you are ready to adopt a rescue before completing an application.

Please read this new article written by Pam Mayes

If your desire to adopt a rescue is something you “may” want to do in the future, please do not complete an application at this time.  We pour our hearts and souls into the placement process, and to do so only to be told “we aren’t quite ready” is a waste of valuable time. 

While we cannot guarantee when a placement will take place should your home be approved, we need for you to be
ready and willing when a rescue become available that is a match.

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