APRA Application for Adoption, Volunteering, or Fostering.

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Adoption of a Rescue
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*Please note that Foster Homes go through the same process of approval as Adoptive Homes. Those wishing to volunteer at events, assist with transport, etc. will not require a home visit but should complete the application as indicated.

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The majority of communication regarding the adoption process will be done via e-mail. Should you not often review your e-mail or have access to email, please ask us to contact you by phone only.

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What provisions will be made for the dog in your absence?

Please note that if at any time or for any reason you are no longer able to care for the dog you adopt, it MUST be returned to Alabama Pug Rescue and Adoption, Inc. There is not transfer of ownership with any rescues placed by our organization.

Is your yard fenced?

How do you plan to establish housetraining for your dog?

*Please note that there is never a “completely housebroken” dog. We will say “appears to be” or “has been in the past.” There are no guarantees in this area. Rescued dogs require patience, consistency and most of all love. If you are not willing to accept “less than perfect” or a dog that is not housebroken, possibly this choice of adoption is not a suitable one for your needs.

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All visits are scheduled in advance.

Other Animals in the Household

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Are all dogs in your home spayed or neutered?

Name and phone number of past and current veterinarian.Veterinary references are an important part of the approval process. Please provide us with a phone number and address of all listed. These references will be verified.

What type of behavior do you expect from a dog that will live with you?

Miscellaneous (Not necessary to apply for Volunteer Status)

Type of dog food used and how often will you/do you feed?

Type of and how often heartworm preventative will be given:

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Please explain  why you are interested in adopting a rescue.

Please summarize why you feel you are a candidate for the adoption of a rescue.

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Less than six years old
A Senior Pug
Pug Pal

Please understand that matches are made according to what is the very best for the dog. While we maintain a waiting list of approved applicants, placement is not prioritized by length of time an application is on file. Should your status change as far as wanting to adopted a rescue Pug, please let us know. If you decide to purchase a Pug puppy, please bear in mind that nine out of ten puppies sold in pet shops are the result of puppy mills. Please take the time to locate a reputable breeder.

Thank you for your interest in the wonderful Pug dog.

Applications will be kept on file for six months. Please notify us if you wish to renew your application after that time.

Please understand that should your home be approved for placement of a rescue, and you are notified of a suitable match, we expect you to make plans to retrieve the Pug as soon as possible.  The foster home will work with you to set a realistic placement date, but our standard is within a two week period.  Again, please note, this is in the event your home is approved

For those submitting this application to volunteer and not adopt/foster (at this time), a volunteer in your area will be in touch.